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FRISKA DRYE  [B OCT 13, 1996 D NOV 18, 2008]
Friska Drye, She was my dog and best friend for
 12 years
Added by George W Drye Feb 12 2009
Music  Braveheart
SHAMU  [B JAN 11, 1992 D MAR 1, 2009]
You were my friend and companion find peace and happiness at the Rainbow Brigde
Added by Geist Lynn March 9 2009
PEPE  [B APR 10, 1994 D JAN 22, 2009]
Pepe will be missed and loved always. Sleep well sweetheart.
Added by Chris Whitley  March 11 2009
RUSTY  [B MAY 1, 1994 D NOV 9, 2008]
You were my best friend and loyal companion. You brought a smile to my face everyday and i will always love you. Sweet dreams my beautiful boy. I miss you dearley. Love Mommy.
Added by Wendy  March 11 2009